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CARAT Sky Villas – El Higuerón – Benalmádena

Kohdetunnus: CARAT
Floor Area: 256 Makuuhuoneet: 3 Kylpyhuoneet: 4 Autotallit: 3 Rakennusvuosi: 2025

New luxury promotion of apartments and penthouses in El Higuerón.


Carat Sky Villas is proof of materialised excellence. Its surroundings and location are a true reflection of international luxury at the heart of Reserva del Higuerón. Its multiple connections and its closeness to the beach have turned Reserva del Higuerón into a world reference. We are your luxury residential brand.

We have created the concept of Carat Sky Villas to provide you with a life of excellence, creating a habitat on its own thanks to the perfect harmony between sun and sea, two key elements that led us to choosing the location of Carat Sky Villas at the heart of the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena Costa, the perfect intermediate point amongst the most popular towns, Malaga, the capital city, and Marbella, a reference of international exclusiveness and luxury.


Carat Sky Villas is like a diamond. The crystallization of pure carbon that produces a diamond can only take place if the location and climate conditions are ideal. Carat Sky Villas, in the same way as a diamond, with the same inherent features of this precious stone, could only emerge here, at the heart of the Costa del Sol, created by Reserva del Higuerón Privé.

The housing complex is made of four blocks that are perfectly built into the accentuated landscape that is so characteristic of this area, giving rise to a unique development that looks onto the sea horizon.

Carat Sky Villas reinforces the brand style following contemporary trends. Behind its walls, you will find two and three-bedroom properties with bright and comfortable spaces; exquisite and distinct style made up of a fresh and renovated composition with outstanding and exclusive finishes.

These properties are versatile and transparent with large spaces, which are the key features of their design. They are provided with an innovative movable partition system that allows to create different spaces subject to your requirements at each time.

To culminate the project, situated on the crest of each of the four blocks, the Deluxe Diamond properties stand out as true sky-high villages and are provided with large dimensions, a private pool and large terraces.

With our exclusive clients in mind, we ideated a design based on high-range environmentally-friendly materials which, in combination with the perfect functionality of our projects, allows them the lifestyle they wish for.

Unique & funcional

Taking full advantage of its unparalleled location between the coastlines of Fuengirola and Benalmádena, Carat Sky Villas offers an idyllic context to develop a lifestyle surrounded by excellent services which will contribute to your enjoyment of life as you have always dreamt it.

The quality of life in this place is extraordinary as there is a singular habitat in perfect harmony with the sun and the sea, two essential elements for the development of Carat Sky Villas.

Spaces filled with luxury

Carat Sky Villas design proposal is based on the use of high-quality environmentally-friendly products. Our properties have innovative systems created with energy-saving and sustainability parameters in mind with all the materials used being of the highest quality.

We work with the best brands in the market which have accompanied us from the start of the development of this project until delivery, securing quality and guarantee.

Deluxe & Deluxe Diamond

Carat Sky Villas has been designed under the Customization Program developed by Reserva del Higuerón Privé. We want every property to be unique and adapt to your taste and needs. This is the reason why we have developed a vast catalogue from which you can make your selection of materials, including options for flooring and tiling, air-conditioning systems, home automation, taps, bathroom units and under-floor heating, among others.

You can also decide the finishes for your kitchen and wardrobes, where you can include concealed wall sockets, LED lighting, a wine cellar and much more.

Committed with sustainability

Carat Sky Villas undersigns the new philosophy of the brand, reinforcing its strong commitment with sustainability and the environment not only with the use of highly-sustainable materials, but also with a number of measures that promote this concept.

– Waste water recycling for reuse in garden irrigation systems using a natural solution (wetland).

– Community proprietor grove. Every property comes with a tree in the manner of a gift which we will plant in the community garden.

– Investment in reforestation of local ecosystems suffering from fire disasters.

– Love-water consumption tap

– Reconduction of the spa extractor fans in order to reuse hot air for heating purposes.

– Electric vehicle charging points in parking area.

– Traceability of the waste from the building work and reuse of 70% of it.

Benefits with your home at CARAT SKY VILLAS


RH Privé Owner’s Club is a private club of proprietors, friends and partners of the Reserva del Higuerón Privé brand.

A space of singularity within the RH Privé Work Centre, at the focal point of the Costa del Sol, in Altos del Higuerón, where the members will enjoy a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere for their leisure and work activities.

Additionally, every now and then there are organised events such as presentations, masterclasses and other corporate events, so that members can share and live the true Reserva del Higuerón Privé experience.


When you purchase a property in Carat Sky Villas, you receive the Reserva del Higuerón Platinum Card, an exclusive card for clients which will grant you the use of all the facilities and services available in the Sports Club free of charge for one year.

2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms DELUXE apartments 669.000 € – 875.000 €
669.000 €: apartment 85 m2 + terrace 34 m2
875.000 €: apartment 85 m2 + terrace 50 m2

3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms DELUXE apartments 789.000 € – 1.349.000 €
starting with 789.000 €: apartment 108 m2 + terrace 42 m3 + private garden/patio 35 m2
ending up to 1.349.000 €: apartment 122 m2 + terrace 206 m2

3 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms DELUXE DIAMOND penthouses 1.899.000 € – 2.649.000 €
starting with 1.899.000 €: apartment 215 m2 + terrace 64 m2 + private pool 19 m2
ending up with 2.649.000 €: apartment 256 m2 + terrace 165 m2 + private pool 28 m2

See our blog post about Carat Sky Villas for more information: Carat Sky Villas

If you are interested in getting more information about this amazing new promotion (floor plans, viewings on the plot, private tour on the surrounding amenities), please contact Hanna Lehto, +34 611 201 408, Hanna will help you to pick the right unit for you and guide you through the whole process.


If you are looking for a luxury property in Costa del Sol and for some reason this is not the right one for you, contact Hanna Lehto and tell her what you wish for the property you want to buy. We have several luxury properties in Costa del Sol within the price range of 700.000 € – 35.000.000 € and Hanna will help you to choose the one for you.

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Master of Laws, Finland, OTM (2005) Legal Real Estate Agent, Finland, LKV (2006) 17 years of experience in the Real Estate business, first 9 years in Finland and since 2014 in Spain.

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