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A makeover of a city flat

*** Welcome to follow the renovation projects that we make in Costa del Sol, Spain ***

This time I show you a city home that got a complete makeover.

The flat originally had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

The kitchen was very far away from the livingroom like in the old spanish flats it normally is. And obviously the kitchen did not have any view. The idea (traditionally) has been that the lady of the house can be locked into the kitchen to cook and to take care of the laundry (normally the washing maschine is in or next to the kitchen). When the kitchen is far enough from the lounge the noices of the kitchen do not disturb the Don Mister who is enjoying his life and the view in the living room.

Next to the kitchen there was this tiny bedroom which was so narrow that is was not practical at all.

The living room was a traditional narrow room with a balcony on the other end.

The bedrooms were very blue and mint…not the hottest choice at the moment.

The bathrooms had been renovated at some point so we didn’t get to see the authentic style from 1969. But anyway, these needed to be changed completely.

And if not enough colours with the bedrooms, here we had some orange walls combined with the dark wooden doors.

This apartment is on a block building built in 1969 so we needed to renovate a lot more than just the surface.

All this was completely renewed: ALL the electricity installations, ALL the plumbing, floors, walls, windows, ceilings and the glasses of the terrace. Of course the bathrooms, kitchen and the closets were completely renewed as well. The a/c hot/cold was installed, because before the renovation the flat did not have any.  We had to knock down a few walls as well to change the distribution and to make it modern and practical. And to get the lady of the house away from the last corner to cook on the viewpoint!

So in the meanwhile we’ve done a lot of planning, got the licence from the town hall, bought tons of materials, tiles, showers, tabs, white goods, etc. But I will not bore you with all that stuff this time. I will show you directly how we left the apartment after it was renovated…and as we usually do, we furnished it as well.

So this is how the apartment looked like when the new owner got the keys:

Let’s start from the old kitchen and the too narrow bedroom that was next to it. We united these two spaces and got a nice and spacious bedroom with lot’s of storage space behind the sliding doors (with mirrors).

The bedroom door is a sliding door as well because the entrance to this bedroom is from a narrow corridor and we didn’t want the door to open on neither side. A sliding door is always more expensive than a normal one, but sometimes it is just the only good option.

What happened to the kitchen then? We put it into the blue bedroom. Which we opened into the livingroom.

With this arrangement the living room turned more spacious and not so narrow at all. We also made the terrace completely with glass walls so that made the living area to feel even more open, light and airy.

The green bedroom got a facelift as well and the door of the bathroom was changed to the bedroom (before it was on the livingroom). Now this bathroom is an on-suite-bathroom and a private one where the guests don’t need to go.

The smaller bathroom is situated next to the living room so it can be used by the guests.

The apartment changed quite a lot. And at least the new owners think that now it was much better than before the renovation.

Can you imagine yourself cooking in this kitchen?


If you would like to have an apartment that is like new (and on a very good location), follow these easy steps:

1. Contact us and we’ll find a lovely horrible apartment for you. On a great location of course!

2. Sign one document and send (some) money.

3. Wait for a few months.

4. Come to Spain to your lovely new (holiday) home and open up the cold champagne that waits for you in the fridge.

5. Enjoy!


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Hanna Lehto

Master of Laws, Finland, OTM (2005)
Legal Real Estate Agent, Finland, LKV (2006)
17 years of experience in the Real Estate business, first 9 years in Finland and since 2014 in Spain.

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