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Home staging of a duplex penthouse

*** Home staging, Costa del Sol, Spain***

(Renovations before and after here.)

In this post I tell you what our team needs to do quite often to SPEED UP THE SALE of the properties.

Sometimes it needs more than just taking the pics with the cell phone to be able to actually SELL a property. This was a classical example of what happens when the real estate agent is not interested in the job or just does not know how to do it. Other agent(s) had been trying to sell this apartment for several years when the owner contacted Asunto del Sol and asked for help. She was tired with the fact that nothing happened and wanted to sell the property. The photos of the apartment were taken when it was still furnished but now it was almost empty since the vendor had moved out already. These are the photos which the other agents used when trying to sell the apartment:

I dare to say that most of the people do not find this apartment very tempting or cozy based on these photos.

No wonder they couldn’t sell it!

As I told you, the apartment was almost empty when the owner contacted us:


Our home staging team decided to detect the nice and cozy home this property could be if someone just gave it a little love. There was no need for any renovation. The building was built around 10 years ago and the apartment was in a good condition. So no painting or anything like that was done. The apartment just got some magic with plants, textiles, few furnitures and other small stuff.

These are the photos Asunto del Sol took after the home staging was done and with these photos Asunto del Sol started to sell this property:


With these new photos the property was sold and nowadays there is a happy couple who spends their vacations there.

Which property would you rather buy, the one you saw in the first photos or the one you see in the last photos?


If you want our efficient team to help you with the sale of your property, feel free to contact us and we’ll tell you more.

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Hanna Lehto

Master of Laws, Finland, OTM (2005)
Legal Real Estate Agent, Finland, LKV (2006)
17 years of experience in the Real Estate business, first 9 years in Finland and since 2014 in Spain.

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