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Renovation vol. X

Welcome! This is the latest renovation we’ve made. It is an apartment that used to have 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. After the renovation it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Let’s see how we made it:

WARNING: The content may include rude violence against some walls and tiles.

The building was built on the 70’s and the bathroom was more or less original with it’s tiles full of roses.

In all the three bedrooms everything was very old, including the windows. Only one of the bedrooms had an a/c machine and that was the only heating/cooling for the whole apartment.

The kitchen was very traditional spanish kitchen, like a narrow corridor. And beeing from the 70’s or from some other ancient era, it was just horrible.

The living room was narrow and there was a very narrow corridor that led to the bedrooms. Each and every space was separated from each other with a door. The carpenters have a lot of work here in Spain because the spaniards just love doors.


And off we go! Everything out! Welcome disaster! But before this we have of course done a lot: the planning, the licence from the town hall, calculating and finding/buying the materials, negotiation with the construccion company, etc. very important things that you can not yet actually see anywhere. But from here on you start to actually SEE that something is HAPPENING and this is the best part:


It already looks a lot better, doesn’t it? Everything was torn away: all the electricity installations, all the plumbing, windows, doors, bathroom, kitchen, some walls… Practically everything without touching the neighbours apartments.

The wall between a bedroom and the livingroom and the corridor was taken away so the bedroom and the corridor are now part of the living room.  The old bathroom was converted into two new bathrooms and to be able to get two nice sized bathrooms, we took a little bit of space from the livingroom. Next to the entrance we built a small utility room for the washing machine and for storage (suitcases, golf bags, mother-in-law, etc). All the electricity installations and plumbing, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, walls, bathrooms, air conditioning (now in every room, hot/cold), extractors in the bathrooms and glass curtains on the terrace are now NEW.

At this point it was the time to let the carpenters in to start installing the new kitchen.

After that a little bit of painting and installation of the lightswitches and that’s it!


The renovation is now completed. In principle.

BUT we don’t want to leave it like this. WE like to do a little bit more. We think that it still needs the finishing touches. And after that it looks like this:

We think that NOW the new owner can come here to relax and enjoy life.


If you would like to have an apartment that is like new (and on a very good location), follow these easy steps:

1. Contact us and we’ll find a lovely horrible apartment for you. On a great location of course!

2. Sign one document and send (some) money.

3. Wait for a few months.

4. Come to Spain to your lovely new (holiday) home and open up the cold champagne that waits for you in the fridge.

5. Enjoy!


*You’ll find our contact information here*

Hanna Lehto

Master of Laws, Finland, OTM (2005)
Legal Real Estate Agent, Finland, LKV (2006)
17 years of experience in the Real Estate business, first 9 years in Finland and since 2014 in Spain.

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