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Why the name ASUNTO DEL SOL?

Why the name ASUNTO DEL SOL?

Every once in a while someone wonders where the company name comes from. It is a mix of Spanish and Finnish languages so we are not surprised that most of the people don´t get the idea behind it since you should know Spanish and Finnish to understand the meaning of the name. Apparently for Spaniards the name sounds somehow funny. Often we get funny looks from Spanish people when we tell them the name of the company.

Let us tell you where the name comes from.

The founders/owners of the company are from Finland and ASUNTO is a Finnish word that means an APARTMENT. So the name of the company means basically the APARTMENT OF SUN.

BUT there is another meaning to it as well. ASUNTO is also a Spanish word that means MATTER, BUSINESS, AFFAIR, etc. So the name of the company can be translated as the MATTER OF SUN or the BUSINESS OF SUN. Either way, it is exactly what it is. The sun is essentially one of the reasons why we are here. The reason why everyone is here. The reason why this place is called the COSTA DEL SOL, the sun coast. So most things here are related to the business with sun.

AND one more reason behind the word ASUNTO in the name of the company is that ASUNTO in Spanish is also used among lawyers, when they are handling a CASE. And this suits perfectly with the company name, since both founders/owners of the company, Hanna and Rami, are lawyers.

How does the name sound to you and does it mean anything in your language?

Hanna Lehto

Master of Laws, Finland, OTM (2005)
Legal Real Estate Agent, Finland, LKV (2006)
17 years of experience in the Real Estate business, first 9 years in Finland and since 2014 in Spain.

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